Making Sense of Data.

Cloudfish is the expert your company needs to make sense of puzzling heaps of data.

Cloudfish Products

The products offered by Cloudfish

Cloudfish Octopus Platform

Making Reports Made Easy

Preparing regular reports can be time-consuming, especially if they need to be clearly structured and visually appealing. Octopus does that job for you. By merging all data sources in use for your business and analyses most valuable information and translates it into business intelligence data An intuitive drag and drop interface allows the collected data to be quickly and easily reorganized into elegantly presented reports.

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Cloudfish Babel Algorithm

The world’s most accurate Arabic sentiment analysis algorithm

Babel is the first production ready Arabic sentiment analysis algorithm in the marketThanks to a revolutionary approach encompassing an extensive learning set and a processing ability specifically designed for the colloquial language, Babel is opening new frontiers in sentiment analysis. Additionally to unlocking the preferences of 300 million Arabic speakers, Babel analyzes the heaps of data and shines a spotlight on those figures that require attention.

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Cloudfish VenueLens Reports

Tracking Online Reviews & Feedback

Understanding customers and being receptive to their feedback is a basic survival need for F&B outlets. VenueLens has been specifically created to help your business tune in with its clients and keep one step ahead of the market. A comprehensive social media audit of all activities on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, as well as blogs and website reviews, is clearly laid out in a report and weekly delivered to your mail. Every feedback, picture and social media activity on the web and on your own platform is there for you to read, together with statistical graphs that help you visualize your accomplishments over time.

Cloudfish Consulting

Designing and Developing Data Strategies

Stiff success formulas are inadequate to respond with agility to new market trends. Fetch’s mission is to help your business keep ahead of the curve by fruitfully employing intelligence data. A master in auditing and data modeling, Fetch offers advanced consulting services in creating algorithms, determining data parameters, establishing the KPIs, and developing monitoring solutions. Avoiding data dispersion and identifying insightful information is the key to successful decision-making and effective business growth solutions.

About Cloudfish

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The Company

The digital world is infinite in its potential, and even more so in the quantity of data it stores, creates and shares. Cloudfish is the expert your company needs to interpret heaps of data and translate it into actionable insightsfor any business.
Cloudfish was born from the merger of Fetch and the data analysis division of DNY Group to help communication agencies monitor and analyze social media activities. Since 2011, Fetch works with leading regional agencies and international brands on the development of unique data collection and analysis technologies. DNY has been shaping the Arab digital world for more that 20 years, working with leading companies in the region. This has created a perfect synergy, fully geared towards new groundbreaking innovation that has business excellence as its primary purpose.

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The People

Cloudfish is skillfully led by Michael Chaftari, founder and CEO of Fetch. A business graduate of the American University of Beirut, Michael has been a leading innovator of the tech world since 2003. He designed various sites in Lebanon and Canada before joining Leo Burnett in the digital advertising world in 2008. He was nominated young creative of the year at the Lynx Festival in 2010 and won a number of prizes, including Silver Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival, the Grand prix at the Dubai Lynx Festival and the Cristal de la MENA.

Michael Chaftari